Between us, we have many useful resources for ministry. (Please email Lechlade Parish Office to add more.)

Courses etc.

Course name Details of course + materials Team Owner/Contact
Life Explored The 2017 pre-cursor to Christianity Explored. Leaders book + DVD. Lechlade / Andrew Cinnamond
Christianity Explored The 2016 update for Christianity Explored. Leaders book + DVD + some posters. Lechlade
Experience Easter etc. Experience Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and Christmas and Resources packs for Advent and Summer, and resources for the relevant prayer stations. Also Experience Easter Outside and Experience Easter with  adults and with young people and with families. Fairford / Caroline Symcox
Experience Church Packs about Christian Symbols and one called Experience Church Fairford / Caroline Symcox
(others) Some others available at Diocesan Resource Centre Library OPAC search

Prayer Stations etc.

Station name Details Team Owner/Contact
Various Used from 2016 for whole primary school Fairford Primary via Caroline Symcox
Prayer Zone Banner (2m wide) + flag (3m tall), both weatherproof St Lawrence Lechlade
Lord’s Prayer poster 2m tall, on weatherproof vinyl St Lawrence Lechlade
Labyrinth 4 x 4m weatherproof plastic labyrinth sheet, and some further kits for using it Diocesan Resource Centre

Fête/Fair-type Games

Game Size + other details Team Owner/Contact
Ball pool and balls Fairford / Caroline
Small parachute Small Fairford / Caroline
Folding tunnels Two Fairford / Caroline
Foam balls + basket Fairford / Caroline
Squash Blocks Fairford / Caroline

Props for Holiday Clubs / OTB etc.Tents etc.

Tent type Size + other details Team Owner/Contact
Fishing things Large hardboard boat shape and fishing nets Fairford / Caroline
Rainbow Large rainbow on card Fairford / Caroline
Goliath Large cardboard figure of Goliath (OTB) Fairford / Caroline
Posada Large Posada nativity figures Fairford / Caroline
Cross Large wooden cross Fairford / Caroline

Tents etc.

Tent type Size + other details Team Owner/Contact
Blue Gazebo 3m x 3m with some side window panels Andrew Cinnamond